Thursday, 8 July 2010

They couldn't stop me in the first heat, so in the end they drugged my tea. I will become invincible rising above them and their politics which surrounds the blow. I will never give up or give in to them. Each blow they deliver makes me grow tenfold in strength.

My life seems to be filled with people wanting me to tick boxes all the time, conform to one thing or another. But I'm happy to say that I don't fit the mould that 'they' tried to steer me towards. I'm not shallow, vain, nor am I a teachers pet. I'm not afraid to speak out on the things which matter to me. I made my own valid decisions.

This isn’t arrogance, and do not confuse this with ego, this is pride! Too many cemeteries are full of unfinished business and I vow never to take mine to the grave as well.

I'm glad this year has been tough, it has shaped me in ways I can never imagine, prepared me for many difficulties in the future. I count them all as blessings in disguise and move on to a new world that is rough, tough, but one that I am already familiar with.

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