Thursday, 28 April 2011

Swallow/s P&S Continued Work-In-Progress

Here, I'm applying plaster coats over a dry PVA coating on the main section of the swallows

Now one can see the plaster still drying in various parts

Before working further on it, I left it to dry for over a day.

Now I am sanding the surface so that it is smoother in parts. It will never be perfect as the original roc had a lot of grooves. But I don't think it should be perfectly smooth, otherwise If I did, I would have made it from resin or better, fibreglass.

I like the smoothness and roughness in the texture. The coating of plaster also removes the holes that can be left in the mod roc.

More waterproofing to follow...

New Sculpture: "American Dream--Live fast Die young"

American Dream--Live fast Die young (2011)
Matches, Toothpicks, Glue
13 x 15 x 4.5 cm / 5 x 5¾ x 2 in

Swallow/s Plaster & Sanding Work-In-Progress

Burning the candle - plastering and sanding

More to follow...

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wednesday, 13 April 2011 Leo Cohen in Artist Spotlight

So, all of this week have decided to feature me in their artist spotlight.

Swallow/s Night Time Work-In-Progress

Just as we think the weather is going to be great for the rest of summer, a grey overcast hits the skies and so I quickly assemble a D.I.Y style tarpaulin tent with lights to create a functional outdoor night time/weatherproof work area!

I continue to apply more coats of plaster of paris to the swallow for extra strength. The water is mixed with trade merchants PVA to give it extra strength and to help the next layer of finishing plaster stick better.

For the moment both swallow/s and I sleep better knowing that we are both protected from any downpoor. More to follow...

Swallow/s Body Section Work-In-Progress

Continuing to work from my prototype during the glorious recent weather, I have built the bodies of the swallows using recycled plastic, cardboard and tape.

Here you can see my prototype on the floor next to the sculpture.

Lastly I have constructed a new wing to attach to the swallow above the other.

Next stage to follow is applying plaster of paris...

Swallow/s Plastering Body Section Work-In-Progress

I have applied plaster of paris to the body sections

Finally placing the wings and the body sections over eachother to create a closer version to Swallow/s I had envisioned

Next stage is to coat both sections with finishing plaster hopefully to be sanded down and smoothed. More to follow...