Wednesday, 6 October 2010

3 Solo Shows and 2 beers in 1 night!

Tonight I attended three Solo shows by painters, but had only two beers..!

The first show of my night at the Gallery In Redchurch Street presented Urban Lanscapes painted by the French painter Cédric Carré in what is his debut show here. Having come from painting urban landscape myself, I was transported back in time, thinking about my own progressions. I still adorn urban landscapes.

Excitingly, not much further up Redchurch Street was the second buzzing show of prints, drawings and paintings (being bought up like hot cakes), by the artist Tom Lewis. His works are comic, graffiti-esque, reminscent of japanese manga, but with small quirks and inuendos, surreal jokes and stories. His solo show is called Megan and the Garden of Edo, at the Maverik Showroom, and is still on for a week.

The third and final show and probably the strongest shows of paintings seen tonight are the works of Benjamin Cohen in his solo show at the Truman Brewery with HRL Contemporary. Cohen's style of painting is graphic and raw, and has the ability to convey each of his subjects critically and with depth, "regularly focus[ing] on lone male figures in which a sense of pathos and abjection arises out of a tension between strict figuration and dissolution into abstraction." Of many of the paintings on display one of my favourites was this one because there is something quite fascinating about the hands and what is or is not in them...

The show is on until the 17th October.

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