Sunday, 27 February 2011

Murmurs I: Things We Must

We should learn how to drive for various reasons

We should own a few bunnys

We must find new forms of education to chew on

We must love Sayaka Ganz who recycles plastic junk and cutlery into beautiful works of art

We must forget about gravity and the things that pull us down for fuck's sake

We must understand the reasons why love isn't always there for us

We must all embrace sexy bannisters when given the chance

We must try to lose weight before Easter festivities arrive

We must travel the plastic bags of love with installation artist Sarah Sze

We must all have sex with Jeff Koons

We must admire the green giants who grow overblueseas

We must free ourselves from the boxes and the system (artist Tom Friedman)

We must learn to love machines before they learn to hate us

We must all get fucked!

We must love unknowingly, always two stitches at a time

We must all idolise James Dean

We must not fear our anxieties and our paranoia

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