Saturday, 9 April 2011

Jacob Epstein's Doves

Not long ago I mentioned the series of swallow sculptures I was making to a friend Andrew Lee (Yale/Courtauld). He sent me this lovely image of "Doves" by the famous sculptor Jacob Epstein to which I can see a relationship with my own swallow piece; two beings in one whole, overlapping.

Andrew and I at the afterparty for GALERIE8 Grange Garden Sculpture Commission
juried by Yinka Shonibare amongst others

Interestingly, the doves also look like two penises touching eachother! Phallic and sexual. A beautiful piece of work, I admire this concept. I'm glad to know that somehow, consciously or subconsciously I am in some ways treading in similar thoughtsteps or on a similar page as another great sculptor.

© The estate of Sir Jacob Epstein

Doves 1914-15

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