Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mayonnaise Hypochondriac?

Whilst the world grieves Amy Winehouse for probably dying from an overdose of Smack, sometimes I think about myself eating lots of mayonnaise and thinking well, we're all gonna go one day, I'll probably get a heart attack and she got a painless death. I don't mean to be a hypochondriac but sometimes I feel like I'm gonna die from the stuff but I like the taste, particularly Hellmans.

I've heard they give Methadone to old people anyway so they lose pain and fear. Death is inevitable, we'll all go one day. and If I haven't completed my work here due to a mayonnaise filled diet, it will be a shame but I'll be gone already so no more worries! Whilst I like this unknown expression "too many cemeteries filled with unfinished business", what if that was the way it was meant to be? So many legends have died at 27 - what's known as the curse of 27.

I wonder if I'll die at 27? I've got three years left. Better eat all the mayonnaise I can in that case and if I survive...then I'll have at least another 5 years left maybe? Plus smoking on top and my clogged arteries will really have fat to spill. Sometimes I get vaso-vagal just thinking about it. Jeez I must be a hypochondriac!

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