Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rauschenberg - From Beyond The Grave

Recently I visited the Hamburgerbahnhoff and whilst seeing the Cy Twombly show, I came across this Rauschenberg that was also included in a room called Stripper from 1962. Now personally I'm not a major Rauschenberg fan, but for some reason I was startled by something he left on this particular painting, as though he was leaving me a clue, or a note, speaking to me from the grave...

 This is the painting on the wall - notice the yellow square in the red...

On Closer inspection, in the middle of this painting is a yellow name card with my name on it - Leo C - Stripper. This isn't the DaVinci Code and I'm not master of symbols signs and Hieroglyphics but this is strange. Perhaps he is hinting to me another way to support my artistic habits or something? Jus kidding! A little spooky. Like Basquiat leaving ghost trails over artworks in invisible ink.
Where's the art historian to help me figure this one out!

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