Friday, 17 December 2010

Bovary, Orgasm and the Devil

Rodolphe Boulanger does not take the hand of Madame Bovary in this sexual adulterous affair. The big balled man does not whisk her away no no! She is a married woman. She is a woman of sexual desires, perversions, thus a woman with far too much imagination!!!

Despite losing the ring here, the bull leaves a rejection letter beneath a basket of Apricots for her.

When the shock of his note is too great Madame Bovary falls ill and turns to religion (all the while her husband a clueless cuckold). Is that partly out of guilt one asks that she shall bury her misery in God? Is it because her journey of pleasures brought her no ultimate love. (Stop crying and replace love with imagination!) Or is it that in bitter loneliness of rejection, God becomes another form of ecstasy that fuels the imagination?

We know this from the Bernini sculpture - 'The ecstasy of Saint Theresa"

...where Saint Thresa famously had an orgasm over God and literally wet herself, a great big ecclesiastical cumpie moment. Let us take a few seconds to spiritually meditate over that thought.

Sometimes when I see 'wet nuns' I 'wet' myself too as is the case here hehe!

Moving on from such jokes, One must not seek to be in love in life but rather to be in love with life instead. Love is not a reward. One must love beauty in all shapes, forms and colours whilst you have eyes to see it. Love music and sounds of all kinds whilst you have ears to hear it. Love experiencing each smell from flowers, to perfumes, to garbage or even poo whilst you have a nose to sniff. Love all the flavours there are to taste whilst you have a tongue to taste it? If you are open to the pros and cons of life you will marvel at how everything truly is, because good is bad and bad is good, there is no opposition except that in the mind.

When hard times are upon people, they look for hope in God's communities. If they are unable to taste the tastes and smell the smells in this world they hope that in the Garden of Eden, (this mythologised dream where poor people become healthily fat and gluttenous) is where they will eventually go to. I wonder what the wall between this world and the next looks like? A cloud? is it concrete? pearly gates like a park?

The figures of God's communities do not deliver 'God's' messages anymore but their own, often critical of idolising beauty and worshipping the human body, which artists must celebrate and not reject! Even Christ's body was a celebration in religious iconic art. Christ himself in human form was the revelation. I wonder how many graves were robbed to learn how to draw and paint the beauty of the body whilst the flesh was still in tact (banned by religion).

According to religious leaders, whilst hope actually comes from the hands of other human beings, this is often translated as divine intervention through the work of human beings! This argument is age old, as is saying Science can be used to understand the work of god's miracles and creation. I have a feeling that were it not for religion the word miracle would quickly fall out of existence and become extinct! One must accept evolution is a reality of life.

In parts of the world where life is pitiful where the work of the fiery devil devours souls and crops, in deserts of drought and famine, where life is in its most simplest form you will find calls to prayer. Signs and symbols become epic signifiers of so called hope and redemption. It gives them reason despite loss of rationality. Perhaps one can say that "the more the Devil gives, the more God receives."

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