Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Rats: A Rare Strange Fact or Story

Forget about Banksy Rats, here's a rare true story/fact related to rats you'll never forget!

At the end of the 19th Century, Britain faced a huge infestation in their sardine factories. No one knew how to eliminate the small rodents efficiently. A cat wasn't feasible because a cat wouldn't move an inch to catch a rat with all the sardines in sight, yum yum! It would be a hopeless idea!

Eventually one woman, so fed up with one rat eating from a sardine, caught it off guard and took serious measures by sewing its arse up, thinking that would teach it a lesson!

Thinking the rat would die a slow and painful death, she decided to throw it out the factory. But very quickly it got back inside to join the rest of its clan beneath the floorboards. Of course, the rat continued to eat as usual, and eventually being unable to excrete, grew fatter and madder with rage. This rage caused it to viscously attack the other rats from its family!

The rats all called a meeting and said, "we have to leave, we have to get away from this crazy fucker". And so the rats all left the factory to avoid the rage of their fallen comrade. Of course this poor shit loaded rat eventually died, ergo no more rats. It is a true recorded fact that once this was discovered, the job of women "sewing rats arses" became a trade considered manual labour to go from factory to factory, bakery to bakery in order to eliminate the rodent vermin scum.

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