Sunday, 2 January 2011

Personal and Intimate Freedom

Two photographers I am really in love with at the moment for different reasons. First series is of some sensual female erotic nudes by Damon Loble. They seem to have such a great quality light and capture the beauty of the body artistically. The golden hazey shines that many people try to get unnaturally using post-production, seems to look natural here? The second series of photographs are by Steven Beckly. They are more emotionally intimate exploring homoeroticism beautifully.

Both series of works make me feel closely connected as if by affinity. Let the eyes meditate over beauty whilst the heart reaches out touches and embraces. Let the power of love be the dictatorship over the world. Let no anxieties or jealousy be the cause of such pain and evil brought into this world. If only we could understand once again what our ancestors knew back then; how to love each and every human being on this earth. We are all beautiful people who fight and argue, possess and keep possessed. Release the evil! learn to be free. . .

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