Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Superior Part of Partying

Happy New Year to all! In no particular order, here are some fellow superiors and leaders who joined in celebrating the end of the year and the start of the new one in style.

The gang: Leo Cohen, James-Frederik Boman, Joshua Vaughan, Katie Kelsey, Kat King

Renny Norman mathematician physicist

Supposedly cool rapist and his girlfriend! Dumping a cigarette in my hand to take your girlfriend to the back room is not cool. It is a sign of some sort of weakness. You should only feel threatened when I take that cigarette and burn your fucking eyeballs in!

Spanish Biologist...

Leo Cohen and Kat King

Fun frivolity.

Leo Cohen and James-Frederik Boman

Joshua Vaughan and Leo Cohen
Katie Kelsey

Joshua Vaughan and Kat King

James-Frederik Boman

Kat's boyfriend CGI and Special FX man Dave crashes out on the couch. Did you know a friend of his put a tiny R2D2 bobbing behind a ship using 2d CGI in Pirates of the Caribbean 2? The fun and games these people play when working with the rushes! The trick is it is so minute in scale it would be hard to spot it there but oh how it is, like unnoticed pieces of seaweed caught in Johnny Depp's teeth.

The emotional girls who I became an agony aunt to... needed to embrace more sex, meditation and on the whole just generally better men into their daily lives and routines rather than drug abusive dubsteppers who turn into pricks when they're with the lads.

Jumping about in the main yard brought the party to an end. Macdonald's tramping and a bloody man smashed in the tube station. "Who did this to me? who hit me?" not a pleasant sight. thundering down the steps descending the tube thump thump thump like a warrior enter the UFC ring. In the left corner thump. Train coming. A small chat in the carriage after bumping into Helen Graham, ex artist now looking for a break in publishing.
The next day spent it in bed with friends watching films and drinking squash until nightfall.

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