Monday, 2 May 2011

Leo Cohen at House of Fairytales: Onedayland

"Pencil Sharpener" (previously exhibited with rekindle public arts) has been invited to exhibit at The House of Fairytales Onedayland Festival this Saturday.

House of Fairytales is proud to present "The Onedayland Festival" organised by eco-artists collective PLOT.

Divided into individual spaces and installations Onedayland is a community festival consisting of a temporary (one-day) eco-village in the heart of London with each plot a unique space to experience for children accompanied by adults. Young participants can share their dreams for the future, exploring installations by new artists whilst being entertained by regular House of Fairytales contributors.

Established by the artists Deborah Curtis and Gavin Turk, The House of Fairy Tales is a child-centred artist led project which draws on an extensive team of artists, performers, writers, educationalists, designers, musicians, film makers, dreamers and philosophers to create magical, parallel worlds where learning is play and play is directed learning.
Operating across a number of formats from workshops, publishing, advocacy and education packs, The House of Fairy Tales is about making education inclusive, inventive and fun.

House of Fairy Tales have appeared in: Thames Festival, Camp Bestival, Glastonbury Festival, Tate Modern and many others.

WHEN: Saturday 7 May 2011 12-5pm
WHERE: 46 New Broad St, London, EC2M

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