Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Leo Cohen, Richard Niman, Tony Brennon, Emma Godebska, Josh Knowles & More at The House of Fairytales

With an incy bit of time on my hands...
Here are some photographs of works displayed at House of Fairytales and OneDayLand festival.
Amongst the artists: Richard Niman, Tony Brennan, Emma Godebska, Josh Knowles & many more including myself Leo Cohen.

Leo Cohen - Pencil Sharpener

Leo Cohen - Pencil Sharpener

There were a lot of sculptural artworks by Richard Niman, Tony Brennan...

And also the work of Emma Godebska...

A "Pop" art balloon sculpture which people could build and add to was found to be quite amusing (both in its pun, and also) as an activity, as much so for the adults as it was for the children intended!

There were strange and provocative works from artist Josh Knowles featuring the Arcade-Idea and other social constructs.

On other levels, the children were entertaining themselves nicely with lots of great activities facilitated by the lovely PLOT assistants.

"Pencil Sharpener" resides at House of Fairytales HQ for the moment but will exhibit again at the Old Vic Tunnels before returning back there.

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