Monday, 8 November 2010

Crazy Bonfire Warehousewarming Party, Imperial Works

This weekend I hit the warehouse warming party for the two artists Josephine Lorna Baker and Katie Martin who had moved into imperial works studios, Fountayne rd, Seven Sisters.

There's Josephine with her great blonde hair!

Stacey McGonigal, a lovely, fruity red haired Irish girl, new housemates with Josphine and Katie.



Wasted people.

Strange maisonette spaces which we climbed up on!

I bumped into Emma Bridgeman (artist) who I hadn't seen in a very very long time.

Myself pictured with Jonathan Hadley Montague (Artist).

Us again with Emma's fling, Hugo.

Also there was some crazy guy from Botswana who was cool and had a pretty amazing slice from a tree trunk in his warehouse unit where he took a group of us up.

Anna Louise Hale (Artist), Issy Carreira, myself and a gang mess around with these amazing crosses in this warehouse, one fluffy like a cat the other like a cow.

I forget the name of this guy (too many man too many man) but he was cool too, Anna's new housemate. Somewhere a long the way before this a cheeky bit of K had been done.


Mashed up!

Peace! x

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