Monday, 29 November 2010

Party Party Party at Imperial Works Studios

This weekend, I was at another crazy party held at imperial works studios, Seven Sisters!

I met the amazing Steph Horak, singer, raving bean, real spirited girl, very warm and genuine.
I seemed to let myself go to the music, and danced so much without needing to feel for anything else. I was touched by an outer force coming into my body. It did not matter how I danced, how good or bad I looked. I was in my own zone, and I travelled beyond the barriers of self consciousness.

This was the setup DJ Stage.

Rowan was there!

This girl was super drunk and kept bumping into everyone at the party, I'm glad she found a couch to sit eventually! At one point I think she spilt her drink all over my leg. . .

One of the birthday girls Ra, talking to Enya.

Quite a variety of people from young to old!

Nat Hilditch had sprayed a large part of the warehouse with a pretty cool graffiti mural!

Former fellow art student, Katie Martin. . .

Another Birthday girl, Issy Carreira. . .

The DJ was our Superman for the night, playing an eclectic range of music and beats.

It was hosted in the warehouse belonging to the lovely artist Anna Louise Hale.

Issy Carreira again. . .

At 2a.m it was super squishy packed. Such a vibrant turnout of people. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

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