Monday, 22 November 2010

London Protests

These are a few images taken from the student Protest I attended a few weeks ago in London. The vandalism and anarchist graffiti on Millbank Media Centre (The Tory party's HQ)

Don't Kill the Arts, Tory Scum, Penis Cum, Anarchy!

Shattered centre.

Stacey McGonigal at the (peaceful) protest.

The lovely (sexy) Film and Video artist Sydney Southam.

Millbank Mobs!

The cool, crazy, passionate artist Josephine Lorna Baker.

Myself, Leo Cohen and Josephine Lorna Baker holding a banner which reads "Clegg + Cameron a match made in Hell" sign made by Josephine Lorna Baker fairly last minute at home herself.

This sign speaks for itself.

Again, the super sexy Sydney Southam at the protest! (more pics)

Artists/Students James-Frederick Boman and the quiet but noticed Ivy Mei Adeline.

Artist George Rae was there for the beginning but disappeared later on.

The eye in the sky looking down from above.

Black flags, and you know they mean business Mister Clegg... Mister Cameron!

For a video of us in action, see the end of Sydney Southam's post of the day here!

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  1. HA! That first picture is so ridiculous! But thanks for calling me sexy, my dear. Flattery will get you everywhere. Was great to see you that day, as always.